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What Happened To The Classic Facebook?


That’s true and I also received it one time when I logged in to my account. The full message in the notification reads:

“Give feedback?
The classic Facebook experience will no longer be available starting in September. Before the new becomes the default experience, we want to learn more about how we can improve.”

If your account is currently using the default classic Facebook display theme, you won’t see this notification when you log in. When you switch the display to the latest interface and then you go back to the classic theme, this notification will appear. You will only stop seeing this notification in September when the new interface is in full effect.

The new interface is a huge change from what the website has used for most of its existence. The new interface is a lot cleaner and features a “Dark Mode” for those people who want their interface a bit dim to reduce glare which is a lot comfortable in the eyes during the night.

To change the appearance of your account’s interface, log in to your Facebook account then click the down arrow on the far right corner of the screen then select “Display & Accessibility.”

Click "Display & Accessibility"
Click “Display & Accessibility”

On the next screen, select the option you want. If you want to enable or disable Dark Mode, just toggle between the “On” and “Off” options.

Dark Mode On and Off toggle options
Dark Mode On and Off toggle options

To know more about the new Facebook interface, visit The New

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