What is the function of Cache Memory and what does it supply?

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I have hard the name of cache memory but function of this memory.

When and in which computer using this memory.

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What is the function of Cache Memory and what does it supply?


What is the Function of Cache Memory

The CPU component of PC uses a special memory to reduce average memory accessing time. It’s cache. It’s a smaller and faster memory than the PC’s main memory. It stores the copies of the most frequently accessed data, stored in main memory. It also assists you to access those most frequently accessed main memory locations. Thus, it reduces the main memory accessing time.

It’s actually the storage container of the data, recently accessed by the CPU. Thereby, it assists the CPU to retrieve those recently accessed and most often used data quickly to execute next set of instructions. Therefore, it grabs much less time than the time absorbed to repossess them from main memory.

Cache is the faster and smaller supporting compartment of main memory. It’s blueprinted to accelerate the memory accessing function. The CPU first searches any desired data in cache to retrieve that quickly. If it’s found there then it tagged as cache hit. If it’s not found there then it’s known as cache miss. During cache miss the CPU has to find out the desired the data directly from main memory by accessing it’s specific storage location. Therefore, the prime function of cache memory is to reduce the memory accessing time and thereby to accelerate the operating speed of PC.

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