What formats does the iPhoto support?

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I sometimes encounter the problem where my picture formats are not recognized by the iPhoto. What formats does the iPhoto support?

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What formats does the iPhoto support?


Dear Nevil merlyn

iPhoto is a program which made easy to view, organize, edit and share photos taken by any digital camera including the iphone and ipad2. JPEG, RAW and TIFF is the major file format what are supported by iPhoto soft.

Other image format such as GIF, PNG, can be viewed by iPhoto but they are not fully supported by iPhoto. That’s mean you may be experienced technical issues with editing, viewing and sharing this format images.  

So, for avoiding technical problem’s you should use only the image format what are fully supported by iPhoto.

Hope this will help you understanding the matter. 

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What formats does the iPhoto support?


If you are encountering unsupported format issue with your iPhoto, there is probably something wrong with either the program or the image itself since it can’t be caused by your device or by your computer.

The application supports very common image file formats so it is really not possible for an ordinary picture to suddenly become unsupported.

If this problem happens after trying to open a picture, you should check first if the image is really in the right format.

Because there are times the usual .png file is renamed to .jpg and when opening it using a program like Adobe Photoshop, the photo suddenly becomes unsupported and will generate an error saying that it can’t parse the file.

The problem is really software-dependent. I mean, there are other programs that can still open the file even if it is using an incorrect format as long as it is an image file the application will open it.

It is really hard to know whether an image file is using the right format or not.

That’s why it would be best to use other applications to view the images besides using iPhoto. So to go around the problem, try using a different program similar to iPhoto that opens images.

If you are using iPhoto on your computer when the problem happened, try reinstalling the program.

Or simply upgrade your application to iPhoto ’11. But unfortunately, upgrading it is not free and will cost you $15 for the new version. iPhoto is available for Mac OS X and iOS versions. Here’s a sample screenshot of iPhoto ’11.

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