What is Firewall Protection against

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Hello everyone

During the installation of WAMP on my desktop, a pop-up window raised showing firewall blocked some services for protection. What exactly is firewall protection against?

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What is Firewall Protection against


Hope this might will work:

1.Check the port 80 http fire wall rule.

2. Open all the ports inbound and outbound.

3. If you are using a router, forward port to your internal IP address.

4. However some ISP do not allow to use your own server.

5. Go to the control panel.

6. windows firewall.

7. Advanced settings

8. Inbound rules.

9. Add Apache and or WAMP here.

10. This will allow you to add the program/port to all the inbound connection.

11. If you follow the above rules you will see " Apache HTTP server " listed under the inbound rules with a green mark beside.

12. Here you will most likely see two of them.

13. If you do not see then add them.

14. One for TCP and one for UDP.

15. While creating a new rule, it will ask for directing a new path. Direct your program to the new path.

Caringal Cheong

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What is Firewall Protection against


A firewall protects your computer from unauthorized access while allowing outbound connection. It is a network security system that monitors and controls inbound and outbound network traffic according to predefined security rules. In Microsoft Windows, the built-in firewall monitors the applications’ network request. By default, the Windows Firewall blocks inbound connection. It blocks all outside sources from connecting to your computer.

Before a program can make an outside connection, the user will be notified first that a program is requesting outside connection. The user can then decide whether to allow outside connection by unblocking the program from the Windows Firewall or continue blocking it. If the user decides to still block it, the application will not be able to establish outside connection.

If you want to add a program to the Windows Firewall list, you can add it in the Exceptions tab. Adding a program to the Exceptions list doesn’t mean that you are allowing it to make a connection. Unchecking the program from the list blocks the program.

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