What is the feedback about Intel Ivy Bridge?

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Looking around for latest netbooks, I found about Intel Ivy Bridge. What is the best feature that it has and will make me decide to consider it to be part my future netbook?


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What is the feedback about Intel Ivy Bridge?



Silvia P Hooper,

After hearing your question I am giving you some information about Intel Ivy Bridge Which may help you to take a decision.

The Ivy Bridge processor is not from HP or Dell or Toshiba, its form Intel itself. It has 22-nanometer Intel Core i5-3427U processor which brings a Hefty boost in productivity while still delivering good battery life and a clear improvement in integrated graphics. But Ivy Bridge processors will be backwards-compatible with the Sandy Bridge platform but might require a firmware update. Now I am giving you the features of the Ivy Bridge processor.


1. Tri-gated transistor technology.

2. PCI Express 3.0 support.

3. Max CPU multiplier of 63.

4. RAM supports up to 2800 MT/s in 200 MHz increments.

5. The built-in GPU will have 6 or 16.

6. Intel HD Graphics with DirectX 11, OpenGL 3.1, and OpenCL 1.1 supports. OpenGL 4.0 is supported with beta drivers and latest drivers.

7. A new random number generator and the RdRand instruction, codenamed Bull Mountain.

8. DDR3L and Configurable TDP for mobile processors.

9. Multiple 4K video playback.

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What is the feedback about Intel Ivy Bridge?


Hi Sylvia, here is some information’s you need about Intel Ivy Bridge. Ivy Bridge uses some newer technologies and better graphics. Intel develops a new kind of transistors called the Tri Gate and an Intel 22nm die shrink that enables speed up the process. There are also additional improvements in Ivy Bridge, it includes support for PCI Express (PCIe) 3.0 and DDR3L (low-voltage) memory, buffed-up safety features, and better integrated graphics.

It also uses less power because of the die shrink that helps reduce the processor to operate. Ivy Bridge is also backward compatible so you don’t need to buy any additional mothers board that will be used on this but of course you have to update your BIOS to ensure the compatibility.

You may find yourself a little slow in some ways by using a newer CPU in an older board, but this is a good means to get your hands on the latest technologies without having to perform a full-scale upgrade on your PC. It's also a good way to lessen confusion in the market and one will be happy to see Intel take on in the future. jj

Ivy Bridge uses some newer technologies

Hi Sylvia, Intel Ivy Bridge applies latest technologies and better graphics as it was supported by PCI Express 3.0 which is backward compatible (no need to purchase a new Motherboard but you have to update your BIOS to guarantee the compatibility) and DDR3L (low-voltage) which give a higher memory for your documents. They also develop an exclusive transistor called Tri Gate or 3D Gate which enables switching performance, decrease leakage and helps reduce power usage.

It also comes in 22nm die shrink or also called a process shrink which uses of better fabrication procedure. Intel also doubled the security for Ivy Bridge by using a handy encryption hardware which carries damaging code. In general, this new Intel model is very helpful as you can enjoy faster connection while saving power usage so you should try considering this netbook. 

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