What is facture pro format definition?

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I found a subject related to facture pro format. But I am not clear about it. I searched over internet but did not got much information. Can you give facture pro format definition?

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What is facture pro format definition?



I have read your concern regarding the definition of facture pro format.


Facture pro format (French term) that is referred to as an account or an invoice.  It is consider as a business document that is view as customer or vendor invoice. It documents a  payment request of the customer or vendor but it is not necessarily a demand for payment.


I have provided you an example images regarding facture pro format.

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What is facture pro format definition?


Dear Louise Rios,

Facture is a French word which means workmanship, quality, and miscellaneous technologies (building, construction etc). In detail facture means “the way in which something, especially a work of art or painting, is made”. And proforma is a document which is provided before the conclusion of a transaction. It’s a legal document which, when accepted by a party, cannot be changed thereafter.

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What is facture pro format definition?


Hi Louise,

If I understood correctly, you meant "Factura proforma"(latin) or "Proforma Invoice" in English. This is a document similar to a purchase invoice where trade details are stated (seller, buyer, goods, price, etc.). Basically it is a trading document, however it does not necessarily mean that the payment has been done, therefore not subject to tax. This is the main difference from a normal Purchasing Invoice which on the contrary proof that a payment has been made.

You can find more detailed information on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pro_forma

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