What exactly is Google reader

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Google keeps coming out with things and I find it hard to just keep up with them. What is the google reader.

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What exactly is Google reader


Google Reader is an online aggregator. It can read Atom and RSS feeds. It was officially announced from Google on 2005 via Google Labs. Google Reader completed the beta status on 2007. 

Contents :

1. Features.

(a) Interface

(b) Organization

(c) Sharing

(d) Offline access

(e) Mobile access

(f) jGoogle

(g) Mozilla integration

(h) Wiiverson

(i) Play

2. Requirements

3. References

4. External links

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What exactly is Google reader



Hi Nicholas B Davis,

Imagine to this situation: you read many websites per day: news, blogs … Each website has its own schedule to update. Some update once a day, some update many times in day, and others update whenever the writers want. So, how can you check these websites every day without losing your time if there is nothing new?

In order to make readers feel comfortable, most websites now have RSS (Rich Site Summary) feed. That means the website owners list their updates in some styles or subjects. Google reader allows you to subscribe to these feed, and it often checks for new information.

Therefore, instead of visiting many websites as usual, now you just only login to Google reader, and Google reader will show you that sites have updated. Then you decide to view update in reader or go to that website.

For more information, Google reader developed by Google, and you can sign in here: www.google.com/reader

Hope this helps

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