What is error – 12029?

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Hi guys,

I was doing research on my computer yesterday, but I couldn’t open any web-pages and received the error message below.

I checked my internet configuration and rechecked if the cable was in place, but nothing was abnormal.

I have also tried to scan the computer for viruses but nothing came-up.

What is an error 12029


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What is error – 12029?


Hello! Good Day!

Error 12029 is an HTTP protocol error message that basically  telling you your Internet browser can't connect to the website/web server you wished to connect. This error can occur anytime in your internet browser.

The possible cause for this error  are:

  1. The Website or the web server may not be actually available.
  2. TCP/IP address configuration errors.
  3. DNS server error.
  4. Or Firewall blocking.

How to fix this Error

(We'll look at this possible causes individually since it has different solutions) 

The Website or the web server may not be actually available

The website might be unavailable because it has exceed the maximum number of connections. Try to visit other websites using the same internet browser. If you can connect to other websites, then the problem is with the web server.

TCP/IP address configuration errors

  1. The first thing you should do is to check your IP address (CMD > /all).
  2. If you have IP address, DHCP, DNS server slots, then your problems isn't caused by a bad IP address.
  3. If you don't have, try (CMD > ipconfig / release > ipconfig / renew) to get a new IP address.

DNS server error

  1. Open CMD > nslookup [domain your trying to connect].
  2. if you get an answer, then the DNS is working properly.
  3. If it isn't,  try (CMD > ipconfig / release > ipconfig / renew).

Firewall blocking

  1. Your Firewall may be blocking you internet browser to connect it to the web.
  2. Open Control panel then click Windows Firewall.
  3. In the exceptions tab, check the internet browser. If it isn't listed in the list, add it.

Also, It could also be caused by a virus. Try to scan your computer from viruses.

Hope one of the solution helps you!

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What is error – 12029?


Error 12029 is an HTTP protocol message which means that the browser is unable to connect with the web server that you requested. This trouble takes place whenever you type the URL into the web browser for a specific web page or when you click on a link on a web page that goes to a different website.

There are several possible causes for this error mentioned below and as such they have different solutions, we will see how to fix the error individually:
1. The server may actually not be available.
• It is because it has exceeded the maximum number of connections and to test it, connects to another website using the same application.
• If you can contact the other website, then the web server is unavailable and you can try to access the first website again.
2. TCP/IP addresses configuration errors.
• First, check a IP address. Then, click Start->Run and type cmd in the box and command window will open.
• At the prompt, type ipconfig /all and make sure that you have the addresses in the IP address, DHCP and DNS server slots.
• If do not have, then type ipconfig /release and on the next step ipconfig /renew to get a new address.
3. DNS server error (Domain Name Servers). 
• You need to click Start->Run and type cmd in the box and command window will open.
• If you get an answer then the DNS server is working correctly.
• If you do not see that it is alright then you need to type ipconfig /release and once again enter ipconfig /renew to get a new address.
4. Firewall blocking.
• You can select Start->Control Panel and then click on the Windows Firewall icon.
• After the window is opened, you have to click the Exceptions strip.
• If the program you are having problems with, is not listed as an exception, add to it which should fix the problem.
If none of them worked, and you have an IP address and your DNS server is working, I suggest doing the following:
1. You can run a complete virus and malware scan of your computer.
2. You also can utilize a good registry cleaner to repair any corrupt or erroneous entries.
3. You also can solve this problem by rebooting the computer.
Hope this helps you better.

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