What does refurbished Apple products means?

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I  read about refurbished Apple products and it is being offered at  lower price from the original price of Apple products. What is the difference of refurbished products from the original Apple products?  Is there a way to detect the difference between the two?

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What does refurbished Apple products means?



Refurbished apple products have been repaired by technicians while Original apple products are those that came straight out of the factory and have not been tampered with in any way.

The most obvious sign of your product being refurbished is if the seal is broken or if you find small scratches on your device after opening it for the first time. Your device should have no scratches or dents in it. Another sign is the price. Refurbished products sell for much less than an original product.

Some refurbished products are mostly internal so it would be hard for you to spot a refurbished apple product with your naked eye. The device would have to be opened to see if any parts were replaced. Your best bet would be to ask the company for the “latest” shipment from the apple factory/ store. You could also check on the model’s serial number to check when your product was produced. There is a greater chance of older models being refurbished.

The safest bet is to get your device from a mac store and to check the packaging, price, and condition of your product.

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