What does Digital line detect install error mean?

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Hi there.  My desktop recently keeps popping a message "digital line detect install error".  What does this mean?  I don't remember installing this.  My desktop has an Intel i3 processor, 4 GB RAM, 1 TB HDD, 1 GB Video Card and Windows 8.  Please help.

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What does Digital line detect install error mean?


Hi Edward,

Digital line detect, sometimes called DLG.exe is used to detect phone connection to your computer. It automatically starts at Windows startup that why you encounter this message in your Windows 8 OS. The possible reason that you encounter such error message is because of the installation issue or the version you’re using. To add on, old and new version of DLG.exe has a possibility to cause computer performance issue and/or system instability. If you’re not using this, you may get rid this software by doing the following options:

  1. Removing DLG.exe in  Windows Task Manager.

    • Type Ctrl+Alt+Del keys on your keyboard.
    • Find DLG.exe under the "Processes" tab,
    • Select the DLG.exe and select "End Process".
  2. Removing DLG.exe in System Configuration window.

    • Browse to your Start Menu. Type “Run” in Search programs and files textbox.
    • In Run window, type in “msconfig.exe”. The System Configuration window will be displayed.
    • Under “Startup” tab, locate DLG.exe and disable it.
  3. Removing DLG.exe in your hard drive.

    • Search “DLG.exe” file in your hard drive.
    • Delete the “DLG.exe”.
  4. Removing DLG.exe in your modem or phone software or drivers.

    • Open your modem or any phone software drivers and disable “DLG.exe” as an autostart option.
    • Remove entirely the software by uninstalling it.


Hopefully I had helped you out with the issue that you’re having with the digital line detect.

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