What Does Character 0x1f Mean?

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Hey guys, I was trying to import some text into a string element in XML file and I’m getting error as 0x1f: An invalid XML character. Please help me with the issue, so that I can resolve it. Thank you.

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What Does Character 0x1f Mean?


Hello learner, 0x1f means US( Unit Separator) according to the ASCII table, and this code comes under the first 32 ASCII codes, which are ASCII control characters. These first 32 codes are invisible characters. The position of the US in the ASCII table is 31.

So, when you’re using any ordinary editors like notepad, then it shows as an error, but you will not be able to find and fix it. To fix it, open the text file with the help of any text editor, which shows invisible characters, and you can clear them.

Decimal Octal Hexadecimal Binary Character
031 037 0x1f 00011111 US(unit separator)


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