What to do when Bluetooth slows down Wifi?

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I really don't know what has gone wrong with my S6. Whenever I try to use Bluetooth, it desperately slows down the WiFi. I get upto 1MBPS if I don't turn Bluetooth but my speed comes down to 10KBPS if I turn Bluetooth on. What might have caused this? Any suggestions? I'm using the latest Galaxy.

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What to do when Bluetooth slows down Wifi?


Hello John!

Your phone’s WiFi and Bluetooth are interconnected. This is one of the downsides that an end-user is experiencing. I am sure you already tried doing hard reset of your phone still doesn’t fix the issue.

1. One major reason for this is the “POWER SAVING” mode is on. Why? Our handheld phones and portable devices have built in power saving devices or modes. If all devices embedded in our phone are turned on it will automatically initiate a process to turn-off one of your device to maintain good power-health status. To disable this mode follow these instructions >>> from Main or Home got to “Applications” >>> then “Settings” >>> then Display >>> last, “Uncheck” Power saving mode.” In other platforms they just need to Menu >>> Settings >>> My Device >>> Power saving mode >>> just slide the throttle or switch left to right or vice-versa to turn it on and off. Try to turn on again both devices and check if the signal will drop again.

2. Use the WiFi Analyzer app to check which signal will work best for you in your location or home. Check also if there’s any update released by Samsung for your WiFi driver and Bluetooth.

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