What to do when battery lasts short?

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I have a tablet and it has a 3500 MAh battery. If I fully charge the battery then Battery Doctor says that it will last for 12 hours. In real, it lasts for only 5 hours in maximum if I use it at normal level. Is it normal? Why is the battery draining too fast as far as I know?

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What to do when battery lasts short?


Actually, battery is drained due to the background running apps. Some apps still remain working even we close them, which is the main reason of fast battery drainage.

Tips and tricks for long lasting battery:

First, you have to find what apps are using your battery to do this just go to Settings > Battery, it shows a list of apps that use your battery power. The apps or features that use most of your batter will be listed at the top disable these apps. If these are not necessary.

After this try to lower your screen brightness to do this, open Settings > Display > Brightness lower your brightness.

Also disable Bluetooth, GPS, voice services, Wi-Fi when you are not using these things.

To easily disable some of these settings, put Android's power widget on your home screen. This widget lets you adjust settings for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, location settings, and screen brightness.

Always use 'power save' mode to decrease the battery usage, mobile will automatically close unnecessary apps running in the back.

Battery Doctor and DU battery saver are the best battery saving apps.

Yes, they do work. Actually, they close the unnecessary running apps automatically which saves your battery. 

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