What to do to stop sons discovering passwords

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Hello, I am a father of 2 tech savvy teenagers. They have gotten really good at discovering the Windows Admin password, the WiFi password and even my email and Facebook password. Is there a way to stop them from discovering them? I tried changing the passwords periodically, but they seem to know the new ones right away…

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What to do to stop sons discovering passwords



There are many ways that your children could get their hand on the confidential passwords.

First, check that there’s no such software installed that records everything you click on your system. This type of software is quite familiar for hijacking passwords from others and as they’re quite good with tech, they might have some in their hand.

Also, restrict their internet access by using a different user account with limited access.

There is also way to recover Windows’s admin password. Make sure that there’s no Windows installation media on their hand. Without installing Windows, password can be changed from the installation media directly.

Give any good password that your children couldn’t guess so easily. You can use random word with special characters and numbers so that they become unable to guess it.

If still they are discovering, you should get other PC which should be restricted for them. Now-a-days, children are becoming very intelligent and technology is just like the dolls like the old days.

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What to do to stop sons discovering passwords


If there is no way you can hide any password on your computer because they can be discovered later by your siblings, you need to check the programs currently installed on your computer because they probably installed a keylogger, an application that records all keyboard activities on the computer. If a program like this is installed on your computer without your knowledge, they can easily spy on all the passwords you used on your computer.

A keylogger is able to intercept everything that is typed on the keyboard, any information that is copied and pasted on the clipboard as well as all internet activities or navigation. If you know all the applications installed on your computer, you probably want to check the programs again in the “Add or Remove Programs” in the Control Panel.

Another way to check your computer for keylogger, if you don’t monitor the applications installed on your computer, is to scan your computer with a reliable antivirus. Majority of the antivirus programs today offer protection against spyware and keyloggers are classified as spyware because it monitors all computer activities.

Try scanning your computer using Norton Internet Security. It has a free 30-day trial period and works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.

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