What is disk defragment in windows ?

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What is disk defragment and what is the purpose of disk defragment?

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What is disk defragment in windows ?


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Dear disk defragment is very useful tool of windows.

Defragment means to sort files near or close to each other.

When we copy files into hard disk then computer saves them randomly, not in a sequence.

It makes computer hard to work with.

But when we run defragment tool. It sorts all files in sequence and it also increases the performance of computer and disk space.

I hope it will help you to understand your question.


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What is disk defragment in windows ?


Hi Mr. Peter Jackson,

As we all know the data is stored in the Hard disk,USB drive or any storage devices. Initially, we store data into an empty disk and gradually in the long run we delete some data and restore some data into it. As a result what happens in the disk, all the data is not sorted properly near to near each other. It consumes much spaces. Hence disk does not get much empty spaces in order to open the same data which was opening faster previously. Now it slowly opens. That is why disk defragment tool is there to sort the disorderly data inside the disk.
Note:Close all the applications before running disk defragment.It takes a lot of time to be defragmented.
1. Double click on my computer icon on your desktop computer.
2. Select any of the drive. For example C drive.
3. Right click on the C drive and go to the properties option and click on it.
4. Click on tools.
5. Click on defragment now.
6. Apply and OK.
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What is disk defragment in windows ?




You can use disk defragment for the defragment the hard disks and USB storage device.

Fragmented disk may be causing for slow your computer. Disk defragment is a tool which can be use for reorder the data in the hard disk. That will helpful for fast data access and increase the efficiency of your disks and drivers.

You can run it manually by right clicking on the disk drive and click on the properties and select the tool tab.

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