What the difference Blackberry and iPhone

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Hi all,

What is the difference of ease given by blackberry compared to the iPhone.

I want to buy one, but I need your input.


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What the difference Blackberry and iPhone


Difference BlackBerry and iPhone is:

  • Blackberry is QWERTY keyboard user input but not IPhone.
  • Blackberry runs on Blackberry OS, from RIM and iPhone runs on the iOS operating system developed by Apple Inc.

May be useful.

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What the difference Blackberry and iPhone


For those of you, who are confused to choose between an iPhone or Blackberry, maybe my explanation below can be useful.

1. Design:

  • In my opinion, iPhone is a revolutionary design in the world of mobile phones. Although the Blackberry started trying to improve in terms of design, but nothing can rival the beauty of the design of the IPhone. If you put in terms of design, then the IPhone is a champion.

2. Email:

  • Blackberry provides the best push email service for its users. Blackberry is set with Microsoft Exchange Server that intelligently with push email service that immediately download messages from mobile phones and LED, indicates that new messages have been received. With the Blackberry, sending email can as easy as sending an SMS. Unlike the IPhone, iPhone show new messages in 15 minutes and should be checked by active users.

3. Application:

  • iPhone is the easiest device to develop applications. This is why there are thousands of millions of developers to develop apps for the iPhone. We can find many interesting applications and games on the iPhone. While the application on the Blackberry is very limited and certainly less interesting. I don't conclude that the iPhone is better than the Blackberry or otherwise. When you want to buy a cell phone, you should understand the purpose you bought it. If you want to use mobile phones to support business activities, such as exchanging e-mail, then I suggest you to buy a Blackberry. However, if you want to buy mobile phones for multimedia activities, I suggest you buy the iPhone.

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