What could be the problem in initializing text tool?

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Hi! I just bought Adobe CS5 Design Standard and installed it on my OS X 10.7.

I installed it and used Illustrator and Photoshop and everything was OK.

The next time I started the computer, the program wouldn’t initialize the font menu, getting stuck at 90%; I only have 264 fonts on the computer.

Suggestion for this matter is very much appreciated? 

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What could be the problem in initializing text tool?


If you have successfully installed Adobe Photoshop CS5 and previously used it without any problems on the application, then you don't have any compatibility issues to fix. You found the problem the next time you tried to use it. Maybe it became unstable during the last session and it just didn’t manifest.

Computer applications are really unpredictable just like the computer hardware itself. Even if you use it properly, there is always a problem that will try to appear.

Like in Windows, you shut it down properly, the next time you boot it, it won’t boot. You play some music on your computer with your favorite audio player but the following day when you tried to play again some music it won’t start and showing off an initialization problem.

Things like this can be very annoying at times. If you have a disk utility installed on your computer, run it and check your hard drive for errors. It is possible that there is a problem in its file structures that’s preventing the application from loading properly. Or use your operating system’s own disk check to diagnose your hard disk.

If it didn’t find any hard drive problem, if you have Adobe Photoshop CS5’s installer, uninstall it from your computer and then install it back afterwards to have a fresher configuration.

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