What is the cmd line ftp programs to transfer files?

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I log on to the remote system I was asked to create a user ID and a password for the system to transfer FTP to my local directory.  What are the cmd line FTP programs to transfer files between PC and other Internet hosts? Will these files work with remote directories? What are the exact system commands for this to be accomplished. 
After I had successfully logged on to the system, can I use FTP cmd to see the listing of files on the remote system and be able to transfer files between the two systems now? Sometimes I really don’t understand the flow of the system and I hope that someone here could give me an elaborate explanation on what is exactly the cmd line to transfer FTP programs?
Can I disconnect the cmd line FTP program to drop the recent connection even without exiting from the command environment and then use the clear command to associate a new Internet connection?
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What is the cmd line ftp programs to transfer files?


Hi Nakon Jiko,

I found a variety FTP client program that you can be downloaded for free or download trial and then purchase the product. Click on this link http://www.nchsoftware.com/classic/index.html and download for free. Once you have downloaded,  it will allow you to move files from your computer to another. This software will secure your files and may be working with remote directories. Try it in a simple way to avoid confusions.

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