What is cloud computing and is its safe

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I am trying to get a better understanding of cloud computing and all it's implications.

Will all our data be accessible to from anywhere and who controls it. 

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What is cloud computing and is its safe


Dear Richard,

Cloud computing is a new way of storing and accessing your files, it's done from the web. Cloud computing is here to make our lives easier and to offer us free space, that we don't physically posses, on the web, online.

The service provider allocates your account with space to store your files and grants you access to them whenever you desire.

You don't need to hassle anymore to buy new hardware to increase your disk space, it's at a click of a button away from you. The service provider has the required hardware to fulfill your need, and you only need to pay for the subscription that you chose.

Depending on the Cloud service provider (Dropbox, Box.net, Google Drive, Microsoft Skydrive etc.) you may be eligible for a limited (5GB or so) free storage, and if you want more you'll have to subscribe to a larger service, offering you more GBs.

Moreover,some Cloud service providers offer you extended features for the files stored online. Microsoft and Google, for example, both have online apps that let you create, edit and manage your online files without the need of a local program on your PC. Microsoft has Office365 and Google has GoogleDocs which are veritable online office suites.

You can access all of your files on the Cloud while you're away, on the go, from mobile apps, laptop applications, browsers, making it easier for you to be in reach of your files.

As for the part of it being secure, nobody else has access to them unless you make your files public (for example if you would like to share a presentation with others you might want to do so).

I hope this helps.

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What is cloud computing and is its safe


Dear User,

Cloud Computing is the practice of using Remote servers hosted in internet, to store your data.

Also process you data and manage it. This is basically Delivery of Storage Capacity over a network of remote servers hosted over internet.

When you ask about safety,

Your data is being stored in another company’s storage. So I would say if you can trust the provider then yes it is safe to use.

And tapping into cloud power boil down the economics and convenience

Thank you

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What is cloud computing and is its safe


In simple words, cloud computing involves 'virtual servers" that one can find and access in the internet. It is the delivery of computing and storage as a service to end users.

There are  three types of computing:
Infrastructure as a Service(IaaS)- Where by cloud providers offer as physical or virtual machines and offer resources
Platform as a Service (PaaS)- provides a  computing platform and a solution as a service.
 Software as a Service (SaaS).-( also "on-demand software",) is a delivery model which software and involved data  are centrally hosted on the cloud.
Users use cloud computing via client devices such as laptops, tablets, smartphones and desktop computers. Most cloud applications do not require specific software but use web browsers to interact with the cloud application.
Privacy and Insecurity
Cloud computing has been disapproved  for the ease in which companies hosting the cloud services control hence can monitor,  lawfully or unlawfully the communication data stored between the user and the host company.
Also,there is the risk of cyber crime which happens over the internet.
The host companies are in control of the data stored in the cloud, hence your company has loss of control over cloud resources which are run and managed by someone else.
Regardless of the risks of cloud computing the there are a lot of benefits which are the following including many others;
  • People all over the world can access cloud hence improvement in accessibility and improves flexibility.
  • Reduce operations cost of IT infrastructure at the same time allowing growth without buying new software licenses and programs.
  • If properly deployed, it can render significant savings,can be highly reliable and offer  better IT services.
The above has tried to explain cloud computing in the simplest way possible,
Hope it helps.

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