What to choose: IPad or Surface Pro?

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I want to get tablet for me, but I can't choose which one would be better for me. I will need it mostly for studying, email and working with documents. I love apple products but I was thinking to change for Surface to try, so I need advice and professional opinion which one would be better for me. Thank you.

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What to choose: IPad or Surface Pro?


I personally have a Microsoft Surface 2, which was given to me by my mother. While she was satisfied, I'm pretty dissatisfied. Because it is owned by Microsoft, you are forced to use their browser, which works fine, but I prefer to use Chrome or Firefox. Touchscreen is frustrating to use. My mom actually advised me to connect a mouse. It also comes with a direct link to hotmail, but then the screen setup is totally different than going to hotmail.com, making it hard to navigate through and read e-mails and such. As a result, I only use the surface to play games, watch streaming video off TV apps, and use Vevo (their app is much more user friendly than going on Vevo.com). Otherwise I'm still about 99% of the time on my laptop.

My husband was also frustrated with it. We took it on vacation with us last month and it kept wanting to autocorrect his posts and comments on Facebook and youtube to the point where he was yelling at it.

Looking up reviews for the Surface Pro 3, there are quite a few bad ones. Complaints are that the Windows activation code is invalid, and therefore many people are unable to even unlock their Surface.

If I were you I would go for the iPad and avoid the headaches or worse, paying hundreds and then not being able to even USE the product.

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