What is certificate trust list?

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Hi guys,

I backed up the certificate trust list before re-installing Windows XP SP3, the extension of the backup files is STL.

After the reinstalling completed, I imported them to my desktop, but there was an error message generated.

It meant that they are not compatible with OS.

Could you please let me know the reason and show me the way to fix the problem.


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What is certificate trust list?



Certification trust list is a list of files, applications, games etc. which are signed as trusted by Microsoft or by the author of that application.

The reason why you got that error message is because each version of Windows has its own certification trust list so your list is not valid for all versions of Windows.

I hope I helped you.


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What is certificate trust list?



As you have stated above you want to know what actually the CTL is, if I am not wrong.
Well CTL is a Certificate Trust List which is a predefined list of items that are being signed by a trusted entity.
Also a CTL can be anything for example a list of a hashes of certificates, list of file names etc.
So, I think your CTL is not valid for your window all the items are approved by a signing authority.
I hope this will solve your issue.
Thanks & Regards,
Gillam Janetj

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