What can the Web Service Client for C++ toolkit do?

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I already have installed the XML toolkit for iSeries. The website is showing a message that ‘IBM is offering another toolkit to simplify the web service invocation”. According to sources, this new toolkit, the C++ toolkit, allows easy invoking of web service without mastering the SOAP protocol. It provides tools to generate web service client stubs. It also provides the libraries which contains program to manage SOAP messages for sending them over HTTP. Can anyone explain Web service client for C ++ toolkit? How can install it?

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What can the Web Service Client for C++ toolkit do?


Hi Kenny Gaitan,

After a long time I was able to saw some great question on any forum regarding C++. I love to work and answer C++ technical questions. I will suggest you to install and configure gSOAP toolkit. As far as I know gSOAP is an open source C/C++ toolkit for C/C++ generic XML data bindings and XML web services. gSOAP analyze WSDL and XML schema and map that to C/C++ code. This is really awesome.

This toolkit is being used by lot of companies in the world, so you should be worried about this.

To use this you need the gSOAP package, C/C++ compiler and Zlib, OpenSSL. This will enable the SSL and compression for your data packets. 


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