What is better to use Desktop or Laptop

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Do you have any solution about Desktop PC  and Laptop, which one is better to use ? In this modern age everybody wants to be comfortable.  In terms of being widely used, which one stands first, Laptop or a Desktop PC ?


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What is better to use Desktop or Laptop

  • Nowadays laptops are widely used. Desktops are used among school students and those who are using it for home purposes. But corporate people and other managerial workers and also students from graduation onwards are using laptops.
  • Again desktops are not old fashioned yet, new flat screened monitors and sleek CPU's are attracting customers as well and a gaming freak always wants a desktop computer, as they can fit other external devices in the CPU's back slot easily.  It is easy to use can be handled in a rough manner too, while playing games.
  • Laptops for gaming purposes are a little bit sophisticated.  So people don't prefer playing on them. Laptop again is easy to carry around, by those who work and travel often and to transfer data and make presentations. Again laptops are becoming cheaper these days because of its high demands in the current scenario.
  • Desktops are in the same manner, cheaper when compared to laptops. But still both have its own importance.  Therefore people are using it  as per their own convenience.

Hope it has cleared your doubts.


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What is better to use Desktop or Laptop

  • As the world goes into digital technology, most popular gadgets known are laptops are used when it comes to computer technology.
  • Desktop computers are commonly used in offices, schools and at home. Laptops are best used for business, especially when you are in a marketing business but not in a store. For fashion, laptop is more likely to be used but we have so many fashionable desktop computers today.
  • For convenience, laptop is the best choice. It is more comfortable to use and it is mobile. You can use your laptop as desktop in your home if you want. Just add a monitor, keyboard and a mouse.

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