What is the best vpn aes military encryption?

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Hello Techyv members. I'm currently looking for the best VPN AES military encryption available. This is a research about encryption levels. If it's not too much, please also provide a detailed background of the VPN AES military encryption that you know. I would also appreciate some commentaries and recommendations for supplemental data. Thank you. 

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What is the best vpn aes military encryption?


Hi Ross,


Virtual Private Network is also known as VPN is a private network that can access the public network. It enables the host computer to access data across shared or public networks within the private network. About your inquiry on VPN AES; normally 256 or 756 bit AES are commonly used in military purposes.

There are numerous encryption methods that are applied by the VPN service provider. This will guarantee the confidentiality and security of data transfer. Right now, it will be dependent on what you prioritized in using VPN. If you want better security, I would recommend on using higher bit encryption. The only downside if the speed of your data transfer for it may tend to slow down. This is vice versa with lower bit encryption – speed aspect is good but security may suffer.


Below are the different bit encryption and it corresponding uses:

  1. No encryption to 128 bit encryption – used for "streaming" purposes.
  2. 128 bit encryption – used for normal internet purposes.
  3. 256 bit AES encryption – used for high level military grade encryption.
  4. 1024 to 2048 bit AES encryption –  highest level military grade encryption. This gives the assurance that only the intended recipient can access the information sent.

Hope the explanation above aids in your research.

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