What is the best remote desktop software freeware?

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I'm looking for a free remote desktop program for my IPhone 5 LTE 700 with iOS 6 so that I could access my home computer with Windows 7 when I'm on the go. 

What is the best remote desktop software freeware for IPhone 5? 

Any suggestion would be a big help. 


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What is the best remote desktop software freeware?


Hello Suttie,

You can download it from iTunes, Go to this link: https://itunes.apple.com/app/remote-desktop-rdp/id288362053?mt=8. From there, you will see Remote Desktop App (RDP). This standard RDP protocol requires iPhone OS 4.3 or later and you've got this requirement. In regards to LTE which stands for Long term Evolution, keep in mind that this is not a replacement for UMTS technology rather, it is an update that will enable it to provide significantly faster rates for downloading and uploading.It supports Windows 7,

Windows XP, Professional or Vista but sorry for those who owns Windows 2000 server access because of license issue from Microsoft or needs to process another license form Microsoft.You can choose for the lite and paid version. Of course, "you will get what you pay for" I am referring to a paid version has to offer for you like 2 keyboard scroll banners with extra keys, More mouse functions, wherein you can manipulate your device with the multifunction mouse: right button, hover, drag, wheel etc. The best of all is it can handle 20 different configurations and please to say a text macro support as well.

Steele Ney

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