What is the best panorama software gentoo download?

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What is the best panorama software gentoo download?I am looking for the best one and I just need the full detail information on how to make a download and installation safe and secured to avoid any errors that will a cause a problem to your operating system.

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What is the best panorama software gentoo download?


Hi Dawn, the best panorama Gentoo that I can recommend will actually depend on you. I will just give you the similarities, the strength and weakness of each software.  And for more information, you can go to this website. http://all-in-one.ee/PanoTools.tar.gz

If for example, you want the Hugin and use autopano-sift gui, click autopano thumbnail and autopano-sift-c and –maxmatches 0/0p 0/00 0/0i parameters, use the assistant and load the images. Select the images as reference, then click "creer des pointes de controle" … wait and then follow the procedure of optimation>exposition>assemblage with nona and enblend.

It is useful if you check the PTStitcher and PToptimizer to avoid the error, PTStitcher is exited with nonzero "error code"

Keep in mind that PTstitcher is binary and will not work on AMD64 and Nona works fine even if it can not correct colors and brightness.

Hope this helps.

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