What is the best operating system today?

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I'm planning to upgrade my OS, what OS can you suggest? what are the advantages of that operating system? 

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What is the best operating system today?


You only mention from your post the Operating System. You see, choosing operating system given the number of it on the market today could be tricky.

I will not give you the comparison of all the operating systems in the market because it may give us all day and basically you can surf through it from the internet but let me give you just a view of the bigger picture. Because you mentioned you wanted to upgrade, you better take a look on the hardware speed, capacity and performance.

If you have extremely basic Personal Computer you better stick to windows XP because it would have a significant advantage because it only theoretically require a 64MB of RAM so it is very lightweight.

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What is the best operating system today?


Good question but bit hard to answer, well i will explain what is good for the upgrade.

Upgrade plan will depend on you needs. its up to you to decide whether you will install open source free Operating System Such as Linux ( Ubuntu Linux )  or a Microsoft Windows  Operating System such as Windows 7

I recommend windows 7, so can buy windows XP too, but keep in your mind that XP end user support will be end after 2014. it means that after 2014 you will not able to download new updates new security patches and other updates which related to windows XP.

So its a must to concern about the security of your system. So its better for you to go for windows 7. There are some other benefits that you can take the advantage. with  a genuine copy of windows you can download and use Microsoft Security Essential Virus guard for free.

Its the most used operating system for the moment. i recommend you to move with current technology and you can gain the advantage in the future also but if you concern about low budget you can have Linux operating system without spending penny, but you will have some limitations when you come to the use of other software packages. most of the current software are made for the support of windows environment.

You can find software which supported for the Linux environment but tons of software are available for the windows

you decide what is the best option for you


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