What is the best laptop model

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Hi, I used an HP laptop but it got crushed because of overheating.

But at that time I didn't use a fan.

I have a small budget.

For what shall I go for?

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What is the best laptop model


Compaq v6314ea is the one i think you should go for. It has :

1. Intel Pentium Dual Core processor,1024MB RAM and 120GB hard disk

2.128 MB memory of Intel GMA graphics feature

3. Like inbuilt webcam, media card reader

4. Like inbuilt webcam, media card reader

5. Many ports are available for connection such as USB, TV output, camera connection ports, s-video .

Price: £269.99

128 MB memory of Intel GMA graphics feature
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What is the best laptop model


Hunting for a laptop machine but not careful which shape to carp? How do you opt laptop that testament has your computing needs and funds?

As you pair, a laptop is a luxurious System. You surely don't want to consequence out a lot of money and afterward maturate that the laptop is not the one you essential.

Still, laptops grow in so numerous shapes and sizes, it can be tight to adjudicate which is the ideal model for you.

I have just one clue for you,

Try to buy an HP DV2098ea; upright to develop on it its got 2GB DDRAM at 2Ghz Measure and a Dual Core Centrino 2.0GHz. Entirely no need to upgrade for the next 2 or 3years bonus the 128MB Nvidia Geforce 7200 blessed memory on it.

Nvidia Geforce 7200 blessed
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What is the best laptop model


Thanks Rony Tim,

I'm starting to think of buying that laptop.

Even though it is really expensive, I know it is worth buying that model than buying a cheap laptop and became defective so easy.

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