What is the best language to programming mobile phones?

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I am very interesting of programming mobile phones and while net searching I have found that many programming languages are using for programming mobile phone? My question is what the best one is. And please tell me if we develop mobile software using C++ does it compatible with all mobile phones and how to test that software?

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What is the best language to programming mobile phones?



There are three existing mobile platforms that are commonly used:  iOS, Android and Windows.

In iOS which is used by the Apple platform in their mobiles, most of the framework of the applications are programmed based on Object C programming but also has Java and Java Script.  In Android most of their development is in Java, with a little C and C++. For mobiles running Windows like Windows Phone, they usually use .NET.

So yes, C++ will work in mobile programming. If it would work depends on what platform you're going to use it.  I suggest that you should also be aware of HTML and CSS programming as this could also help enhance your mobile program applications.

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