What is the best free project management online software?

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I am looking for Free Project Management online software for my project. Can you tell me what the best free online project management software? I prefer to have good security. Please give some suggestions. Thanks experts.

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What is the best free project management online software?



Hi Azreil,

There is lots of Free Project Management software available on the web.

You can go to www.google.com and type key words like “Open Work Bench" or "Gantt Project".

These are freeware and come with a good security.

Let me enlighten you with some of the features of the above software.

1) Open Work Bench:

– It's a stand-alone program.

– It's best suitable for groups in the total work effort.

– It will work as per your requirement with great efficiency.

Website: https://sourceforge.net/projects/openworkbench/

NOTE: It requires Sun's Java Runtime Engine version 1.3.1 or above.

2) Gantt Project:

– It's a stand-alone program.

– It is compatible and the versions are available in Windows, Mac and Linux.

– If you want the looks of the software to be great, then you might get dissatisfied.

– Does not require any additional program to be installed to run this software.

Website: http://www.ganttproject.biz/

These are 2 softwares which are highly recommended by many technical persons.

Hope the above information helps!


Keaton Christopher


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