What is the best free computer anti-virus?

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What is the best free anti-virus and what is the difference on the anti-virus that I am using now which is Norton? Please differentiate.

I need to know if there's better than Norton Anti-virus. Make sure it's free an reliable.

Thanks a lot. I'll be waiting for your comments.

Have a great day!

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What is the best free computer anti-virus?


There are three major free antivirus Software's available in the market.

1. Avira Antivirus

2. AVG

3. Avast.

All these above are free and Avira proves to be better compared to the other two and Norton too. This free software provides only ANTIVIRUS security and not the total suit which contains internet security+ firewall.

There are many categories which are considered to differentiate between the antivirus Software's. Software's can be compared and differentiated on the basis of graphic user interface (wont matter much), Accuracy with which it detects virus, Number of false positives, Speed of scanning, Memory used and many more. So, if you want to see why I said that it is better than Norton, then just go on to the site https://www.av-comparatives.org/  and Read out the test reports to get the clear idea about the best and reliable antivirus program.

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What is the best free computer anti-virus?


Hi Charlie,

The best free antivirus as far as I am concerned is AVG. I use it every day and it has never disappointed me. AVG offers full protection to your system from all malware and viruses that may be a risk to your computer. Viruses like auto run, viruses that may result from browsing the internet and sharing portable drives like flash disks are completely not a threat to AVG.

It has the link scanner that scans all the sites that you access on the internet hence protecting your PC from being attacked by viruses that may be downloaded online.

Trust me, AVG is the best.

Hope this helps.


Lee Hung.

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What is the best free computer anti-virus?


It's rarely easy to decide, what is the most effective antivirus software for your computer . This technique would be completely reliable easy to update, however it shall not take a lot space around the hard drive with the alternative programs to function accurately. The updates just for this shall come routinely to supply a chance secure your very own computer about the latest viruses. These main criteria may allow us to choose, it is possible to best antivirus computer software.

There are various companies giving the needed programs for a number of desktops. All their goods have their own specialties and might suit or simply not suitable according to your laptop and needs. Then we thought to list several top-quality applications, which will help you choose, what the best antivirus software program is right for you.

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