What is the best fan speed manager pc available?

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Where can I get the best Fan Speed Manager for my desktop PC?

I am searching for the best performance which I can use for optimizing the fan on my PC.

Please send me the links and information regarding it.


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What is the best fan speed manager pc available?


Hi Samantha,

The type of cooling system you need depends on three factors.

1. The type of processor that your computer is using

AMD and Intel processors use different fun sizes. So you need to check the processor and determine whether it is AMD or Intel

2. The type of cooling unit you want.

There are two types of cooling units. One, the traditional fan that is inexpensive, reliable can be quickly replaced. Two, the liquid cooling system that uses liquid to cool the whole system and reduces noise. Between the two, the traditional fun is cheaper and most common.

3. How you use your computer

If you are using your computer for browsing, sending emails and basic tasks, then a simple fan is enough because you are not overworking your CPU. But if you use your computer for gaming and running heavy applications, you need a high speed fan to avoid overheating.

Having answered the above questions, you can check this link and see the fans available 

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What is the best fan speed manager pc available?



When your fan is too loud for your liking and it is disturbing you, you better check your fan. If this happens, it is because your fan is at its full speed even if it is not needed. But of course, we also have to consider checking and cleaning our computer if it’s dirty or possible too hot.

To monitor and regulate fan performance I would recommend you to use SpeedFan. SpeedFan is a software that will help you monitor and control your computers fan speed and temperature. It can even monitor your hard disk temperature which is a lot of help preventing your hard disk to fail.

This program will work on Windows NT, ME, 9X, XP, 2003, 2000, Vista, 2007, 2008 and Windows 8 environments. Below is the SpeedFan’s Configure window where you can control and monitor your fan:



To download this freeware, follow the link:


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