What is the best CMS file sharing?

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Please recommend the best CMS file sharing. We need something similar to Microsoft SourceSafe. What we need is an easy-to-use CMS, nothing too complicated. We want the basic functionalities nothing really fancy.

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What is the best CMS file sharing?



Hi Olivia,

How are you?

There are many available sites that offer CMS for your convenience. The leading two sites are 4shared.com and ziddu.com.

Aside from those, there are also other sites that may come handy to you. You can try to see these links that I will be posting below:




The latter link has also received a positive feedback from its users

I hope this helps you.




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What is the best CMS file sharing?


Hello Olivia,

There are many file sharing solutions available. To let you know Microsoft SourceSafe (commonly known as VSS) is a source control system, generally used by software development teams to maintain their source code.

If you are looking for something similar then you may consider using SVN or git. Both are different from VSS and even from each other. SVN has many features and requires no locking of file and git is a distributed version control system, more suitable for large teams doing parallel development.

In case you are not into software development and do not need a version control system then you may consider using cloud bases services such as dropbox, Google Drive, Sky Drive, SugarSync, there are many others too, but the only mentioned here are widely used.

You may as well consider using a enterprise content management system such as Alfresco and manage your files in your internal cloud.

Hoping this was informative.


Mclean Buono

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