What is the best brand of RAM?

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I am planning to upgrade the RAM of my computer and there is a lot of brands that I could choose from. Any expert advice on which brand of RAM should I get would be much appreciated. I am looking for the highest quality RAM.

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What is the best brand of RAM?



Actually there are several kinds of RAM‘s and brands in the Market. The prize of the RAM varies according to their Performance, memory speed and brand. First of all you need to verify your Memory type, either DDR or DDR2 or DDR3 or any past version. Next is to find out the maximum memory speeds that your system supports. This can be easily known by going through your system manual. If it is hard I will tell you about wonderful software that scans your system and report you about your memory configurations. Just type ‘Crucial Scan’ on Google and download this little application and run it while connected to the internet. Normally Kingston Ram’s are good and if you need the best and the highest quality I would recommend the Kingston HYPERX Rams. Check out more details by visiting to https://www.kingston.com/en link. If you need an American brand I would recommend PATRIOT Memory as they are renowned for the best in the business. Find more about them by navigating to 3,3 link. Hope this solved your problem. Nice day.


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What is the best brand of RAM?



As far as RAM is concerned it is the one of the major component in your Computer. RAM should be powerful to handle all the applications running in windows especially Virus Scan(which runs all the time). You should know maximum speed that your computer supports, usually 32 bit Operating systems support less RAM than 64 bit systems. This you can find in My Computer Properties or typing dxdiag in RUN of your start menu.

First of all you should confirm which type you want like in older systems we use DDR and DDR3 in latest systems.

I recommend you to use the following RAM with these Operating Systems:

Windows XP——- 512 MB

Windows Vista—–2 GB or more.

Windows 7———2GB or more.


Now, look at some of the best brands of RAMS:


1. Corsair ——$95

2. XTremeDDR ——$60 (Mostly for Gaming)

3. Micron ——-$20

4. Samsung —–$50

5. Kingston —–$30

These are the Average Prices of 2GB and 4GB RAM in the market.


So, I would recommend you Micron and Samsung because of the price and availability in any part of the world. Also, Customer care services of both of them are very good.





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What is the best brand of RAM?



Dear Jimmy,

Thanks for asking.

Dear there are many companies are producing RAMs. The working of all the RAMs is equal.

For example, these companies are manufacturing RAMs,

  • KingStone
  • IBM
  • HP
  • Samsung
  • Maxtor
  • And many other.

But if we see the reliability of RAM then all companies have difference.

If you want to upgrade your computer with a new RAM then I will suggest you to choose a RAM of reliable brand.

You should use KingStone and HP brands.

These brands are more reliable than others.

I hope you got answer.



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