What is the backbone of the Apple OS?

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I am just wondering what is the backbone programming language that the Apple OS is made of.

I am fascinated on how their OS look. I know that creating and Operating System is done by using, I think, C languages?

Is their any other language that Apple uses for their OS?

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What is the backbone of the Apple OS?


Hi Jomar Francis,

The backbone programming language that the apple Os is a UNIX made.  It is said to be the foundation of the internet in which all the operating System are centered.   Unix is reformulated in C programming language.  Provides basically Command Line Interface as such strong but a more difficult than DOS.  Unix was made as a general user or the over all tasking OS but it is also utilize as a server.

All of the major hardware device are based in UNIX.  Including OS X.  Apple Mac is BSD UNIX based.  Darwin is the popular base  of the OS.  NEXT is the company  of Steve Jobs and was based in UNIX.  Raphsody was formulated as a desktop OS but reveal as a server OS.  It is very compatible with any other Operating System.

Hope this might help you.



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