What is the Average/Ideal typing speed?

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Hi! I have always been inspired by people who have a great typing speed. I work very hard to increase my typing speed but the best that I could do so far is 45 words per minute(WPM). There are two questions that I want to ask.

1) What is the average typing speed and does my speed fall in the average category?

2) How can I increase my typing speed because I have seen people do 80 wpm+ which is simply unbelievable.

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What is the Average/Ideal typing speed?


Average typing speed of a person is 38-40 words per minute, or 190-200 characters per minute. As you're typing speed is 45 words per minute, quite close to the average typing speed, you fall in this category.

100 words per minute is considered to be the highest typing speed. There are many websites where you can practice to increase your speed. One such website is TypeRacer where you can practice and compete with your friends or any other online competitor thereby increasing your speed.

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