What is the average keystroke of a keyboard?

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I bought almost brand new keyboard and I want to know what is the average key stroke of a keyboard so I can compute it's lifetime. Thanks

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What is the average keystroke of a keyboard?



12,000 keystrokes per hour is considered the average, according to a 2006 report by a data entry software manufacturer. If you want to calculate your keystrokes per hour, here are the steps:

If you know your typing speed, multiply your typing speed in words per minute by 5 to calculate your number of keystrokes/minute. For example, if your speed is 40 wpm – Multiply 40 x 5 = 200. Therefore, you type 200 keystrokes per minute

Multiply your keystrokes per minute by 60 (since you want to determine your keystrokes per hour). So 200 x 60 would be equal to 12000.12000 is the average keystrokes per hour.

A good keyboard should last for 6 months assuming a person has a speed of 120 wpm and usually types on the average of 10 hours daily.




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