What are wireless computers? Also include about 3D cameras…

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Do you know about the wire free Personal Computer? What is interactive computer? Will Interactive computers have 3D cameras that behave more like eyes, with the ability to recognize objects and measure distances? Will Sensory input through sound, voice and touch help PCs respond to and anticipate our needs?

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What are wireless computers? Also include about 3D cameras…


Wire free laptop:

Wire free laptop has wireless charging and can connect to peripherals without cables. The laptop recharges after being placed on a wireless charging table or surface. It also connects wirelessly to external displays through Wi-Di (Wireless Display) technology, which could eliminate HDMI and DisplayPort ports. The wireless display needs to support Wi-Di technology.

Interactive computers:

In computer science, interactive computing refers to software which accepts input from humans — for example, data or commands. Interactive software includes most popular programs, such as word processors or spreadsheet applications. Interactive systems are computer systems characterized by significant amounts of interaction between humans and the computer. Example of graphical interactive system is Macintosh or Windows computer operating systems. Editors, CAD-CAM systems, and data entry systems are involving a high degree of human-computer interaction. Games, simulations, web browsers and Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) are interactive systems.

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