What are the vulnerabilities in Windows 8.1? Is it fully secure

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It’s been a quite a long time after the release of Windows 8 operating system for desktop users. I am trying to collectively understand the vulnerabilities, weak points, flaws in windows 8 OS. How was the performance as an OS compared to standard bench marks? Were the fire wall and internet safety features were more sophisticated? Can anybody compare the pros and cons of the windows operating systems? I have been using Windows since 2000 and gave always amazed to see that there is substitute for window OS. Thanks for your help in advance.

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What are the vulnerabilities in Windows 8.1? Is it fully secure


Windows Operating System developed by Microsoft, has undergone much evolution features among others. With the debut of Windows 8 was released on the 1st of August, 2012 with the build number 6.2.9200.16384. On its arrival, a lot has surfaced be it negative or positive and below are some of the positives and negatives worth considering and sharing.


1. The boot up and load speed of Windows 8/8.1 has experienced an increase as compared to previous versions. Windows 8/8.1 OS acts as a partial hibernation when shut down therefore during a reboot, the system reinitializes very quick.

2. The search feature of this OS is stronger and much improved than previous version although you cannot find a search box at the bottom of the start menu as compared to other version (Windows 8/8.1 has no Start menu). The search box appears when you begin to type hence showcasing every matching apps and files as well straightaway. The search feature also offers you the ability to make a search inside apps and files that pop up in the search pane.

3. One exciting feature which is irrefutable about the Windows 8/8.1is the Windows Live syncing. With your Windows Live ID (Account), you can log into any Windows 8/8.1 PC with your customized settings available. Furthermore, owning a fresh computer with every basic key setting synced via a Windows Live account is made accessible and possible at ease.

4. Logging into Windows 8, the tiles-based interface being the first coolest thing displayed on the desktop is full of innovation and dynamism. In that this OS offers users the power to customise the background/desktop of their PCs, organising applications and displaying real-time information as easily as gaining access to every single one worth notified besides, taking actions on the urgent ones through them (tiles-based interface).

5. The Windows To Go features offer the most expediency to Windows 8/8.1 OS users. Into Universal Serial Bus (USB) Thumb Drive, one can completely make a full copy of their OS with settings, applications, files and wallpapers etc. with the support of the Windows To Go feature. Let me explain further by saying that with a new computer also having Windows 8/8.1 Operating System installed can be precisely the same as one (OS) on the old PC with same settings after slotting the USB thumb drive (with your last saved settings) into the new computer when booted.


1. The Windows 8/8.1 has no Start button in Desktop mode as it was available for the previous versions. Users find it quite a challenge to get used to how to turn off their computer (Windows 8/8.1) for example, hence making it a great deal for users to navigate or work with it.

2. One worrisome experience of this OS is the fact that Windows 8 treats the Desktop as one unit or entity, irrespective of the number of computer programmes opened, and classic programs do not enjoy the same automatic update features provided for Windows 8 apps.

3. Navigating with a mouse on Windows 8/8.1 is a big setback. It is generally expected that when one right-clicks for an example, the pop up menu should show or appear at the very spot where the mouse pointer is, instead it shows up at the bottom of Windows 8 apps. Closing of apps is not simple as compared to the use of the ‘x’ tab in closing apps. In that, one needs to click on the top side of the app and drag it down to the bottom side of the screen with the use of the mouse.

4. In terms of applications for Windows 8/8.1 OS users available at the Windows phone App Market are not properly merged with that of PCs. Since, purchasing an app and installing it on your phone, and one is required to pay again when installing the very same app for PC on your computer. The Calendar app among others for Windows 8 still lacks interesting features.

In conclusion I tell you that there is always an option or an alternative but it all depends on what you are looking for and what is meant for (functions). Linux, Chrome OS, Steam OS, Ubuntu among others are some examples of the Operating Systems however, I will say that Windows 7 is the best ever OS.

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