What are the different types of Cloud Computing?

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Hi All,

What are the types if cloud computing

Been hearing a lot about this and thought can ask you experts for help.

What are the types and what are each.

Thank you

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What are the different types of Cloud Computing?


Hello Chanfan,

i give the solution.

There are mainly four types of  cloud computing.

1.public cloud: It means the computing system is shared between many organizations. No one has no visibility  the location of computing.

2.private cloud: it is more expensive and secure than the public computing. It can not be shared  with other organizations. It can be externally hosted  in ones.

3.Hybrid cloud:The combination of  critical ,secure application of the private clouds and uncritical ,insecure application of the public clouds is called hybrid clouds. this kind of clouds are used for peaking load.

4.Community cloud:It is shared between organizations and same community. It is used only for government agencies.

I hope that you will  find your answer from the above.

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What are the different types of Cloud Computing?


Hi Chanfan ,

Before u want to know the types of cloud computing it is very important to know about cloud computing and there are types of clouds not types of cloud computing by this clouds the cloud computing is different

Cloud computing : In general It is the delivery of service rather than a product . It is a pool of virtualized computer resources. A cloud computing platform is more than  a collection of computer resources because it provides the mechanism to manage those resources .

I have just explained few lines about cloud computing such that you will be aware of what exactly cloud computing is all about

What is cloud : A cloud is a virtualized environment that has been developed to provide self-service .

There are three main types of cloud

1. Private

2. Public

3. Hybrid

Private cloud : In this type of cloud the organization hosts all the hardware and software that produces the cloud.

Public cloud : In this cloud the organization pays a third party provider to host all hardware and software that produces the virtual environment but still the organization has complete control over the administration

Hybrid cloud :  In this cloud some parts of the virtual environment are hosted by the company and others are a third party provider.

The above discussed are the main types of clouds.

There is one more type of cloud which is known as community cloud where in this type of cloud it shares infrastructure between several organizations from a specific community.

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