What are the types of errors in measurement?

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I do not know how many types of errors in measurements are there in total. It is confusing. Can anyone help me with it?

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What are the types of errors in measurement?


There are three types of errors in measurement:

  • Random Error: Random errors cannot be fixed. Unknown changes in the surrounding cause these errors.
  • Systematic Error:

Systematic Errors are divided into three types, as follows:

  1. Instrumental Error: This error occurs due to three main reasons:
  2. Effect of loading
  3. Limitations of devices
  4. Misuse of Instruments
  5. Environmental Error: Changes in the environment causes environmental errors.
  • Observational Error: Wrong observation of the readings causes observational errors.
  • Gross Error: This error occurs because of human mistakes while taking measurements.

I have made a chart using Microsoft PowerPoint. Refer to this chart to understand the types of errors in measurement.

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