What Are The Steps In Printing A Document In Word

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What are the steps in printing a document in Microsoft Word? What is required for printing in Word? Can we choose which parts we want to print?

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What Are The Steps In Printing A Document In Word


The requirements for printing a document are,

1. A computer with Word installed in it.

2. A printer that is set up and connected to your system.
The steps involved are,

Step 1: Open the document that you want to print

Step 2: Click on File in the top left-hand corner

Step 3: Click on the Print option in the menu, and the Print dialogue box will pop up

Step 4: Choose how many copies you need

Step 5: Select how many pages that you want to print, here you can also choose the size of paper, the orientation of the print, and much more.

Step 6: You will be able to see the preview of the document to be printed, when you’re satisfied with the settings, click on Print.

And the document will be printed on your printer.

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What Are The Steps In Printing A Document In Word


Printing your document in Microsoft Office Word is very simple. As long as you have a working printer, you can print anything with your computer. To print, start Microsoft Office Word and load your Office Word document. Once the file is loaded, turn on your printer and press CTRL + P on your keyboard to bring up the print dialog.

On the “Print” dialog, make sure your printer is selected under “Printer.” If a different type of printer is selected like “PDF Printer” or “Microsoft XPS Document Writer,” click on the dropdown arrow and select your printer.

If you want to print all the pages in your document, just click “OK” because the default print range is set to “All” that’s why it will automatically print every page in your document. But if you only want to print selected pages, select “Pages” under “Page range” section and enter the page numbers you want to print.

Microsoft Office Word print selected pages

Under “Copies” section, you can set the number of print copies for your document; default is “1.” Increasing this value like making it “2” will make every page in your document to be printed twice.

Microsoft Office Word number of copies

To start printing, click “OK.”

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