What Are The Courses In Microsoft SQL Server Online Training Program For Free?

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I am a rookie in Database management. I have been recommended by my friends to get trained in Microsoft SQL server to have better control on the subject. As I am doing a job so I don’t have time for classroom programs. Can anyone tell me what are the courses being offered in Microsoft SQL server online training and where can I learn this for free?

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What Are The Courses In Microsoft SQL Server Online Training Program For Free?


Microsoft SQL server is a relational database management software system developed by Microsoft. It’s a software product whose one of the key role is to keep and save data as requested by various other software applications. These software applications may run on the same computer or another computer.

  1. For online training, you can visit this link.

This site is a good teaching site which starts with most fundamental topics like what is a database and data. And then with the passage of time when you start getting to understand topics and have a better hold on these topics the tutorial program will gradually get into advanced topics such as working with triggers, stored procedure, and indexes etc. This online training will be given on video lectures in simplest understandable language to understand the first basic theory, then some demonstration followed by an assignment which bolsters your learning.

The Total number of modules will be 17 and you can also try Interview questions to confirm that you have properly learned the concept.

Various courses that are offered are:-

  • Understanding the basic concept of database and function of RDBMS to achieve it.
  • More Knowledge about SQL – Structured Query Language
  • Building a database using Data Definition Language Statements
  • Get data using Simple and Complex queries.
  • Utilize comprehend the use of Views and deal with the same
  • Figure out how to program scripts utilizing T-SQL
  • Compose and call Stored Procedures and Functions put away in a database.
  • Compose and oversee database triggers, cursors, and Index.
  • Comprehend Transactions and deal in the same manner with Stored Procedures.
  • Protect database through making clients and giving obliged authorizations to deal with the information.
  1. One can also do online training in Microsoft SQL server via Lynda.com. Although the site has an additional buy on features but you can 10-day free trial and download or watch the videos Online. These video tutorials are of great help in understanding the basic concepts and then lean on the advanced steps.
  2. One other way to learn is Microsoft Virtual Academy which is totally free for young enthusiasts who want to learn this program to build their profession on it. It is one of the best sites to learn directly from Microsoft experts at the cost free program. This program is for Developers and IT professionals that will help them to implement and manage the database solutions.

You can Visit the site and click on the videos to have a free preview or download them as per your necessity.

I hope this helps.

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