What are the networking issues?

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What are the biggest computer related issues that a company has, as far as networking, software, and so forth, and what are the frequent issues that they have to put up with on a daily basis?

You know the ones that deals with the IT department.  I want to know  a complete answer for this issue.

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What are the networking issues?



Actually, you have put a very significant question. Nevertheless, network issues are among the most commonly faced challenges in various departments and corporations. IT department has the sole responsibility to resolve any all the issues faced in the run time environment, whether the issue is directly related to the networking or not.

When there are too many transactions that occur simultaneously in a network, it creates contingency problems over the server and the slowest work speed is faced. In many cases restarting the server of some of the small terminals attached to that machine will suffice.

Data back up is yet another great challenge for the IT personnel. They have to ensure data security and stability in every circumstance. Without ensuring complete back up, the whole day's work of a company may be in danger.

Security is also a very critical issue in the current working environment. Many people around us keep trying to infiltrate our secrecy. To maintain the highest level of security of the network is undoubtedly a big challenge for IT personnel in day to day working.

Hope it answers your question.

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