What are the most popular latest tech gadgets in the world?

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Dear TechyV users, I want to know what your latest tech gadgets are. Please share them in this thread and let's talk about them. You may include non-phone gadgets. 


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What are the most popular latest tech gadgets in the world?


Wassup Knowles, I believe I can very well help you with this question. I just need to understand which tech gadgets you are asking about, are you asking about the latest gadgets that are available or latest personal gadgets.

On personal gadgets, there are many latest including the wireless mouse, this works in such a way that it needs the Bluetooth dongle which automatically connects to the mouse once fixed in the USB ports. The computer can automatically find the drivers that the mouse needs to have in order to function properly.

Wireless Mouse

There is the pocket shaver which just uses the battery. With this technology, you just need to have the battery and the solver will be well ready to use

Pocket Electric Shaver

We also have the apple iPad 3 which is of course very efficient in business and mobile office work. It is very effective than the earlier version in that it has a brighter retina display and also a very sleek design as well as a better iPhone Operating System. The problem is that it is said to be a bit heavier than the iPad 2!

Apple iPad

I hope this solves your query.

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