What Are Microsoft Streets And Trips Support Tips?

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I want to install Microsoft streets and trips but I am afraid that I will not able to understand how to use it. Can someone help me out with Microsoft streets and trips support and help so that I can use it with efficacy.

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What Are Microsoft Streets And Trips Support Tips?


Microsoft streets and trips software is useful for people planning trips in their RV or roaming in the streets as it gives information about routes present in the location which is detected with the help of GPS. However, if a person needs any kind of help and support then they can click on the Help icon present in the top right corner of the screen.

People can either ask their query by typing in the word or phrase or select a query from the list of available faq’s. There are also videos for those who don’t understand the written material can take the help via seeing the videos about how to use this software.

There is Streets and Trips support site for any kind of technical support and will enable the users to address their issues, do various required downloads and updates, various step by step instructions and videos and how-to videos to make this software hassle-free and user-friendly.

This Streets and Trips works on some specified systems which fulfill the minimum requirements to run it and support it. Names of such software are
Windows 8, w Windows 7, wad Windows Vista , h ell Windows 2008 Server or Windows XP operating system.

Minimum 1 GB Random Access Memory (RAM) for 32-bit OS, 2GB Random ACCESS MEMORY (RAM) for 64 bit OS, @56 MB RAM for Windows XP.
Hard disk Space: 2.00 GB

To install it: DVD drive or High-speed Internet access.

GPS device that supports NMEA 2.0 or later version and USB port.

The Support center helps to Plan ahead our trips, Customize our trips and we can even minimize our costs and delays while learning various Mapping tips.

If a user is a native of USA or CANADA, he/she can contact (866) 834-8317 for Microsoft support and help from their customer executive if problem or any issue still prevails.

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What Are Microsoft Streets And Trips Support Tips?


Unfortunately, for “Microsoft Streets & Trips”, Microsoft has discontinued this product. In other countries, it is known as “Microsoft AutoRoute” which is a mapping program developed and distributed by Microsoft.

The latest version of Microsoft Streets & Trips is a subset of “Microsoft MapPoint” which is another discontinued program and service from Microsoft aimed at average consumer to do different map related tasks in the North American region as well as Canada, Mexico, and the United States like route planning. Microsoft Streets & Trips was originally called “Autoroute” released in 1988 by NextBase Ltd, a UK company.

Then in 1994 the product was sold to Microsoft. Microsoft combined the Encarta World Atlas Mapping Technology with the new routing technology obtained from Autoroute to create the products “Automap Road Atlas/Automap Trip Planner” and “Automap Streets/Streets Plus”. These products were later branded for several releases as “Expedia Trip Planner” and “Expedia Streets”.

They were later merged into one product called “Microsoft Streets & Trips 2000” after Microsoft spun off Expedia.

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