What are Makefiles and How Do You Write Them?

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I need some help in getting my head around the makefile concept. I know they are supposed to make operations at the command prompt much easier. I have used some ready-made ones before but I want someone to explain further, in few words, what makefiles are? How can I write makefiles? Apart from using makefiles at command prompts, what other areas can I apply makefiles to make life a little bit easy for me in the computer world?

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What are Makefiles and How Do You Write Them?



 Composing your source code files can be exhausting, especially when you want to include several and have to type the command every time you want to do it.

  Makefiles are special format files in special format that, along with the make utility will help you to automatically construct and control your projects.

  To learn how to do this, you will need these files:

  1. main.cpp
  2. hello.cpp
  3. factorial.cpp
  4. functions.h

Go look at this TUTORIAL, here is everything you need to know, explained step by step.

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