What are important tools during maintenance?

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Hi guys,

What  tools that are important to you when doing maintenance of a computer system and how can I maintain the good condition of my system?


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What are important tools during maintenance?


Maintenance tools:

1. Cleaning tools:

Need to remove the junk files off the computer. eg. CCleaner.

2. Uninstaller:

Some stubborn software do not want to uninstall by the windows uninstaller. eg Revo uninstaller, IObit uninstaller.

3. Software updater:

The software should be regularly updated. eg. AppSnap, QWinApt, Techtracker.

4. System info tools.

5. Trouble shooter/fixer: FixWin, MicrosoftFixit.

Steps for Maintenance:

1. Disc maintenance.

2. Run only the programs being used by the computer.

3. Keep your Computer clean.

4. De-fragment regularly.

5. Check the power supply.

6. Update Operating system.

7. Turn off rightly to avoid Hard disc crash.

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What are important tools during maintenance?


System maintenance is very important for computers same as other equipment or devices but unlike other machines or equipments, system maintenance is twofold; there are hardware and software maintenance.

Just like replacing worn out and broken computer hardware, computer software may be obsolete, have craft or the core operating system be infected with viruses. Some of the tools that may be of help in computer system maintenance are but not limited to;

  • Cleaning tools: just as the name suggests, these help with keeping the computer system clean and largely depend with the system in use. Examples are file system cleaners, secure file erasers, registry cleaners and all in one – general purpose solution.
  • Uninstaller: found in the Control Panel, they help in removing applications that are not useful in a computer.
  • Software updater: they ensure that your software applications are updated regularly which is important for keeping up-to-date with latest features, fixing bugs and for security update purposes.
  • Systems Info Tools: they are not maintenance tool per se but are very handy in helping you to know problems with your computer.
  • Troubleshooter: your computer may have various problems such as network problems, security problems, slowdown as a result of crafty or underperforming hardware and each of these tasks require a different approach and you may not be in a position to provide all these solutions, troubleshooter comes in handy in such situations.

In order to maintain a good condition for your computer system, you need to do the following;

  • Clear out the browser history.
  • Check the system for viruses or spyware and remove them.
  • Do monthly hard drives defragmentation to ensure smooth running of your computer.
  • Create more space by uninstalling programs, music and other files that are not in use by your computer
  • To uncheck startup programs that are no longer in use, you may use the msconfig command.
  • Use the computer hard disk manager to free up more space.
  • Make sure your computer has an uninterrupted power supply system (UPS) to prevent power surges.

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