What are the hardwares that is used on putting up internet connection?

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Hello techyv,

What are the hardware control over internet? I would like to know the hardware that has a connection of putting up an internet connection, such as modem and more. I also want to ask you an illustration of the proper set up of the internet connection. Thank you.


Expecting some help from you guys.

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What are the hardwares that is used on putting up internet connection?



Setting up a internet connection is a simple process and you don’t have much to do by your own but setting up a network is a bit complicated process and if you don’t have previous experience I recommend you to get the support of someone who has experience.

To get a internet connection you can simply use a dial up connection by plugging a dongle to your computer through USB port. Dongle contains in built modes and you don’t have to buy them you just have to buy your SIM card from the service provider and install it to the dongle.

You can use a landline telephone connection also. Only these days land phones comes with an inbuilt mode and the older ones require a modem to be installed separately. You should contact your telephone connection provider for more information.

For setting up a network you will need below items.

Modem, Router, Hub, Cables and activated internet connection provided by internet service provider

You’ll need more hardware components depending on the complexity of your network.

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