What are the Functions of keyboard keys?

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I wanted to know all the functions of keys which are called function keys as F!

Through F12.

What are the functions of each key?

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What are the Functions of keyboard keys?


Function keys F1 to F12 have different uses.

F1 Opens the help screen, CMOS setup, or Task Pane.

F2 Keys are used to rename a highlighted icon or file in Windows. Pressing Ctrl+F2 would display print preview window in Microsoft Word. While pressing Alt+ Ctrl+ F2 would open document window in Microsoft Word. 

F3 Keys are used to repeat the last command for Windows or MS DOS. Press Shift+F3 and you will change text in Microsoft Word from upper to lower case.

F4 Opens find window. When you press Alt + F4, it will close the program that currently active in Microsoft Windows. While when you press Ctrl + F4, this will close the open window within the current active window in Microsoft Windows.

F5 Key is used to refresh the page or document. When used in PowerPoint, it starts the slideshow presentation.

F6 Keys move cursor to the Address bar in Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. When you pressed Ctrl + Shift + F6, this would open to another open Microsoft Word document.

F7 Key is used to check grammar and spelling. Press Shift + F7 to run Thesaurus check on the word highlighted.

F8 Key is used to access Windows in Safe Mode.

F9 Key opens the measurement toolbar in Quark 5.0.

F10 Activates the menu bar in Microsoft Windows. When you press Shift + F10, it will be the same as right clicking  the highlighted file or icon or Internet link.

F11 Gives a full-screen mode in all Internet browsers.

F12  Key is used to open the save as windows in Microsoft Word. 

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What are the Functions of keyboard keys?


F1 It is usually used as the help key; nearly all systems can open this support screen whenever that important is usually pressed. Enter CMOSSetup.

F2 It can be used for renaming highlighted file.

F3 It is used to open a search feature for most of the programs.

F4 Alt + F4 will close the running.

F5 It is used to refresh the browser.

F6 It is used to move cursor to address bar in the browser.

F7 Most of the time, it is used to check spelling and grammar in Microsoft Office.

F8 Function key used to enter the Windows startup menu.

F9 Opens the Measurement toolbar in Quark 5.0.

F10 It is used to activate the menu bar.

F11 It is used to active full screen mode in browsers.

F12 Opens the Save as dialog box in MS Word.

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